Our social commitment

A major endeavour, propelled by hope

Financial support to four non-profit organisations

In all workplaces and among retirees, an annual collection takes place for the benefit of organisations sponsored by the STM. Everyone is asked, via a major generosity campaign, to donate the amount of their choice to these organisations.

The four are: 

CentraideHealthPartners-Québec, Red Cross, Réchaud-Bus.

In 2023, the employees’ generosity campaign made it possible to donate $ 665 250 to these four organisations.

As a public organisation, the STM does not make any donations, whether in money or transportation tickets, and does not participate in any fundraising activities.

On a daily basis

Reaching out to people in distress

In association with Suicide prevention centre of Montréal the STM informs people about the tools available regarding suicide prevention.

For more than 40 years, SPCM offers support and help for people in distress as well as for their entourage.

If you feel the need to reach out for help, you can contact Suicide prevention centre of Montréal's confidential service at any time by calling 1 866 277-3553.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mutual aid

No. the STM is a public corporation that does not take part in any benefit events, nor does it provide support to any organisation other than those it has sponsored for many years. Also, no sollicitation of employees is allowed or authorised.

Soliciting money in the métro for charitable or humanitarian purposes may be permitted under certain conditions.

For sollicitations of a commercial nature, go to Transgesco's website.

No. The STM never makes fare cards donations.

Fare offers

STM fares apply to all, regardless, but a number of options are available to you.

Organizations and businesses

You are organizing a convention, business meeting or a major event and you would like to offer to your participants a sustainable solution to their transportation needs?

Visit our Business Zone

STM vehicles

  • Donated

Vehicles no longer used for service and being disposed of can, exceptionally, be donated. However, only requests received from charitable groups and museums will be considered – Putting in a request.

  • Sold

The STM also sells its minibuses and service vehicles through the Centre d'acquisitions gouvernementales (French only)  with public auctions open to individuals and companies. As for buses, they are sold in lots by the STM through public tenders.

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