Occasional card


The L'Occasionnelle card is a non-rechargeable smart card. It can contain regular transit fares and is valid for pre-determined periods.

The following transit fares may be placed on L'Occasionnelle

The fares on L'Occasionnelle cards may be purchased from ticket booth attendants and vending machines located in metro stations or at points of sale. They allow you to transfer between metro and bus lines.

Using L'Occasionnelle card

  1. Hold your L'Occasionnelle card above the reader in the fare box on the bus or on top of the turnstyle in the métro.
  2. Hold it steady for a few seconds.
  3. Validation of the fare will be confirmed by a green or yellow light and an audio signal (beep).
  4. Keep your card for use as a transfer and as proof of payment.

In the métro:

Smartcard with a chip: place against card reader. Do not insert.

Consult the accessibility page for more info on the external medias.

See Using L'Occasionnelle card on YouTube

1 The 1 trip fare at regular fare may be purchased on occasional smart cards only at points of sale. In the metro, this fare is available only on tickets.

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