Cancelling a reservation

Cancelling a reservation within the STM service area

Any cancellations should be done as soon as possible by telephone, by dialing
514- 280-8211, through the automated service, through an agent (option 2), or online.

Cancelling metropolitan transportation

Users living outside the STM service area must contact their carrier to request, change, or cancel trips to or within the STM service area.

Late cancellation

Cancellations are considered to be late if they are made less than 2 (two) hours before the confirmed boarding time.

It is important nevertheless, to cancel trips even to just a few minutes before the arrival of the vehicle, so as not to deprive other users of space on board and to reduce delays.

Texte important

Late cancellations without reasonable notice or at the door deprive other clients from from using of onboard space, cause delays, and create additional costs for the STM.

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