Sustainability Governance

Sustainability Governance

Sustainability is practised at every level of the organization and is guided by the Corporate Policy on Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Plan.

The sustainable development team performs a functional role and provides overall coordination and the necessary expertise to ensure the progress of the main sustainability projects.

Formed in 2008, the Sustainable Development Committee is an internal advisory body in which each of the STM’s main branches is represented. It supports the efforts of the sustainable development team. Among their other responsibilities, the committee members ensure project follow-up in their respective administrative units.

The STM’s Executive Committee is required to formulate an opinion on the company’s sustainable development performance and approve the report. The committee is likewise responsible for giving first approval to the Sustainable Development Plan.

Since 2014, the Executive Committee carries out an initial sustainability management review. This exercise reveals the progress made toward the different sustainable development targets and the committee’s orientations on the different sustainable development issues. 

The Board of Directors also exercises high-level governance with respect to issues related to sustainability and social responsibility. The main characteristics of this governance are:

  • The Board approves the STM’s Sustainable Development Plan.
  • A Board committee, the Governance, Ethics and Sustainable Development Committee (GESDC), guides and monitors measures arising out of the Corporate Policy on Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Plan.
  • The GESDC receives the annual Sustainable Development Report for information and review purposes, and comments on it before it is sent to the Board.
  • The Board’s Audit Committee receives and analyses due diligence reviews carried out by the Auditor General on environmental and sustainable development matters.

Since 2012, all recommendations submitted to the Board of Directors must contain details demonstrating that they fulfil the commitments of the Sustainable Development Plan.

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